About Bruscan

Bruscan Educational Information Services (BEIS) is an independent college admission and foreign credential evaluation
company based in Irving, Texas, USA. The company was established with one purpose: To cater for students who are
planning to apply to colleges in order to make their dream a reality. The uniqueness of our name (BrUsCan) came from the
three countries we represent: United States, Canada and the UK. We have placed students in various accredited and
recognized universities and colleges such as University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Southern
(SMU), Northwestern University, University College London (UCL), University of Birmingham, U.K., Lakehead
University, Canada, University of Toronto, Canada to name a few. And we are proud to say that our candidates have
secured admission into top institution of their dreams.

We maintain an advising center that's well stocked with college admission and credential evaluation related materials such
as college
catalogs, prospectuses, videos, profile of education system around the world, country index and journals. And
e continue to update our resources constantly to provide our candidates with up-to-date information on the ever-intense
admission process.

International Student Seeking Admission and Student Visa

At BEIS, we understand that study abroad can be a very daunting process, especially for international students, as it
requires a significant amount of time in planning and preparation, and a lot of resources. The process of applying
admission and getting accepted
can take several months, and that often depends on the program or level of study the
student is planning to pursue
. In addition, the process of applying and getting a visa can add weeks if not months to the
. However, with seasoned advisors and adequate resource we are determined to go all the way to get our clients/
applicants into the college of their dreams.

Mission Statement:

*Our mission is to facilitate students' placement into universities and colleges. This involves providing total support in the
area of admission, scholarship, and credential evaluation process while maintaining highest professional and ethical
standards. We seek to promote student mobility and exchange, and education Internationalization through continuous
research and sharing of innovative ideas among colleagues in the industry.


*Our vision is to revolutionize the international education consulting industry.


*Passion and Professionalism


eola Dixon, M.B.A., M.S.
Founder/Executive Director

Adeola Dixon is the Founder and Executive Director of Bruscan Educational Information Services (BEIS), a Texas
USA based company. He manages the day-to-day operation and affairs of the company. Adeola is a savvy independent
education consultant and his experience spans across college admission, international student recruitment, foreign
credential evaluation, scholarships, and student visa advising. He has over 10 years of experience advising students of
diverse backgrounds and understands all aspects of admissions. He can expedite admissions and scholarships application
into colleges in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada having helped thousands of students and families realized
their higher education dreams. International education is his passion and that is how BEIS came to life. Adeola is a member
of professional organizations in the admissions arena such as: NAFSA: Association of International Educators; NAGAP:
National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals; IEAC: International Educators Association of Canada. His
vision is to revolutionize international education advising.  Adeola holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Political Science
from the University of North Texas, Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Science (MS) in Industrial
Management from the University of Texas at Tyler, USA.  

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