At Bruscan Educational Information Services, we offer wide array of services as detailed below:


Education credentials obtained at high school, college or university overseas require evaluation before they are accepted
for admission at institutions in the United States, UK and Canada. This is done in order to properly classify and place
students into appropriate academic program or courses.  We evaluate credentials in-house and refer those that are out of
our specialty to colleagues in other reputable agencies. Please contact us today for more information on application and
appropriate fees.


General Evaluation / Basic statement of comparability        $75.00

This category of evaluation provides an overview or a statement of comparability of student’s foreign credentials to the
United States equivalent. This type of evaluation is for students required to show evidence of general equivalency without
providing course details. It is most suitable for immigration, employment, and health /professional licensing.

Course-by-course evaluation        $125.00

This category of evaluation requires detail coursework completed by the student and provides the United States credit and
grades equivalent. Thus, it is suitable for college or university transfer, graduate study, teacher certification and
professional licensure. Many professional licensing boards require detail course-by-course evaluation report.

Comprehensive evaluation (detailed course-by-course with GPA)        $155.00

This is a step further from course-by-course evaluation. Some institutions require that the student’s evaluation report
contain GPA information, and in an effort to meet this requirement, we introduced a course-by-course report with GPA
calculation. The inclusion of GPA in the report enables the prospective institution to have a true picture of the student’s
academic classification and/or rank. This type of evaluation report makes the job of the admission office/advisor easier,
thus eliminating the nightmare of trying to find the applicant’s educational GPA equivalence to the United States.

Our evaluation reports are prepared by following the standards and practices recommended by NAFSA: Association of
International Educators; AACRAO: American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.


Bruscan Educational reserves the right to contact the issuing institution of the academic credentials that applicant  
presented for evaluation. Therefore, any documents submitted that are found to be altered or fabricated will not be
returned to the applicant and all fees paid will not be refunded. In addition, legal action will be taken to the extent permitted
by law.

For Application for foreign credential evaluation click the link below.



As an expert in college admission, we are there with our clients from the initial application stage all to receiving offers of
admission from their choice school. We are there to assist every step of the way. We make a substantial review of client’s
application forms for proper completion. We also advise clients on who to contact for letters of recommendation and also
what to include in such letter. This is simply because each student has unique abilities and circumstances, and we try to
avoid situations where our clients are only provided with generic letters. We follow-up with clients to make sure they obtain
academic transcripts and other necessary educational records and send it to prospective schools.


Standardized tests such as TOEFL , IELTS, ACT, SATI & II, GRE, GMAT, GCE A-Levels are mainly required for admissions
into any universities and colleges in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom. We advise students on the tests that are
needed for their chosen program of study and we also offer registration options for students that are unable to do so and
as well offer referrals for preparation purposes.  


We search all avenues to ensure that we provide accurate information on available merit-based scholarships and need-
based financial aid information to our student's (both international and domestic). We strive to find free money for college
for our clients thereby reducing the amount of student loan debt they incur before they graduate. In addition, we make a
substantial review of client’s FAFSA form and also College Financial aid forms such as CSS profile for proper completion in
order to ensure that students are put in a position to maximize their chances of getting full aid necessary for their
education. Our clients have secured various scholarships (Full and partial) for their education in the United States, United
Kingdom and Canada.


Getting a visa is one of the major hurdles international students will need to scale through, and the process can be
extremely challenging, as well as daunting. At Bruscan Educational, we remove the fear of rejection by offering candid
counseling to international students applying for a visa or entry permit at U.S Consulate or other embassies.  
Our comprehensive advising service includes:

  • Completing visa application
  • Required documents/sponsor selection
  • Interview etiquette
  • Pre-departure and Arrival information and so on


As part of the visa application process, students intending to obtain US student visa are required to pay SEVIS (Student
and Exchange Visitor Information System) fee to US government before they issue a student visa. We offer this service to
our clients in order to facilitate the payment of this fee. We also offer bulk payment. Contact us for details. Information
about SEVIS fee can also be obtained by visiting the SEVP official website:


International students fall out of status due to unforeseeable circumstances; however, the good news is that students are
allowed to apply for reinstatement once this occurred (Conditions and restrictions apply, see below*). If such situation
should arise, we strongly encourage student to contact their current school PDSO (Primary Designated School Official) or
DSO (Designated School Official) and or their immigration attorney as soon as possible to avoid immigration complication.
Based on our experience, we offer visa reinstatement advising to student in order to get them back on track with their
studies since that is why they left their country of origin in the first place. Call us today for further details.

*Student was out of status for a semester (or within 5 months) due to unforeseen circumstances.
*Have not engaged in unauthorized employment
*Have sufficient financial support and can document evidence of this.
*The student does not have a record of repeated violations.
*The student is not deportable on any grounds

Please note: Full package and item package available depending on student's circumstances. Contact us today for price


Achieving positive result is our watchword, and we can assure you that with careful preparation and thorough planning your
ultimate dream of matriculating at the college of your dream is not far from realization!


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