Thank you for choosing Bruscan Educational Information Services (BEIS), one of the leading college admissions and
foreign credential evaluation consulting companies in the United States. We provide students with accurate and
adequate information when it comes to study in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The services we offer
are student-focused and are regarded by the clients we serve as second to none. Over the years, we have placed
students into various colleges and universities in the afore-mentioned countries, and our success rate is relatively high
with our students getting admitted into their first choice institution. Furthermore, our edge over competitors lies in our
international education focus, working with students who are planning to experience international education.

At Bruscan, we believe that students have the capability of navigating through the college admissions process; however
the service of a professional advisor or consultant in terms of providing thorough and accurate information when it
comes to application process, standardized tests choices, financial aid, scholarships, and finding the right match cannot
be over-emphasized. The reason being the fact that we have first hand information on various schools through college
visits and regular conferences attendance. Equipped with experienced advisors, we are here to support you from the
initial stage of application process to a successful acceptance by your choice school. Please take a moment and check
out all the
services we have to offer.



"Words can not express how grateful I and my family are for your total support during
my college application process; it was a great feeling when I was accepted by my preferred
college!"                                              --- Francis N. (Accepted to Ohio State University)

"Thank you for your relentless efforts in getting me a full ride to Howard
University"                                           ---Edward A., Houston,Texas

"Following my graduation from a UK university, I arrived in the U.S with a desire to further my legal education. I met the Director of
Bruscan. He helped in coordinating my quest to gain admission into one of the best and top notch university in Texas.  He deployed
his expertise and he delivered a result that only someone with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the world’s educational
system can deliver. I was offered an admission with scholarship into the LL.M program at Southern Methodist University Dedman
School of Law, Dallas, Texas."        
                                                ---Temitope O., Arlington, Texas (LL.M completed in May ’12)

“There are so many companies claiming to be experts in the field of educational consultancy, BEIS is actually second to none. I
highly recommend their services.”    
                                                 ---Ikenna K., Denver, Colorado (Admitted into MBA program)       

"I couldn't believe it when I received my acceptance letter into UCLA Anderson School of Management. Thank you so much!"
                                                 ---Kolawole B., Lagos, Nigeria


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