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At Bruscan Educational Information Services, we understand how complex and daunting the college admission process can be for students. It is even more complicated for students seeking admission to top-ranked or Ivy league institutions; as well as for international students seeking admission to study at colleges beyond the border of their home countries.

As independent education consultants, we know the ins and outs of the admission process; we have visited colleges to gain first-hand knowledge about the school and programs; we have access to a library of resources, and we are prepared to help our clients navigate through the process and get the results they desire.

At BEIS, we perform a holistic review of every applicant’s personal and educational background, extra-curricular/professional activities to determine the best college that matches their educational needs/goals. Therefore, we place students into colleges that are a great match where we believe they can thrive not only academically and personally, but socially.

We work with high school graduates/secondary school leavers seeking admission to undergraduate degree programs. We also work with recent college/university graduates, as well as professionals seeking admission to graduate school for graduate certificate, master, and doctoral degree programs.

We help our clients through the college selection process, admission application review, major selection, essay/statement of purpose review; we also help narrow down on who to ask for letters of recommendation, and so on. We refer applicants that are interested in college standardized test preparation to reputable and trusted agencies/companies for a one-on-one and group coaching session.

We advise and provide accurate and in-depth information to students on financial aid, and available scholarships, as well as standardized test choices such as SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, PCAT, MCAT.

At BEIS, we are here to support our clients through the initial stage of the application process to a successful acceptance by the college of their dreams. Our office is equipped with related materials on college admissions such as books, brochures, prospectuses, videos, and experienced consultants.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid Advising

As college costs continue to increase significantly every year, students need all the help they can get to meet the total cost of attendance. We strive to find our clients free money for college, thereby reducing the amount of debts they incur for a college education.

As part of our services, we develop a strategy with the student to navigate the scholarships and financial aid application process. We search for and present accurate information on available merit-based scholarships and grants, as well as need-based financial assistance and provide it to our clients.

We guide and review FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application and other financial aid forms such as CSS Profile for proper completion to ensure that students maximize their chances of getting full aid necessary to cover the cost of their education. We invite you to check the Resource Library for financial aid information for Undergraduate and Graduate Schools.

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International Students Seeking Admission into Colleges & Universities in the UK, United States, and Canada

Globalization of education is here to stay, and international education has become an integral part of the global educational system. Students in developed and developing nations are now more than ever seeking opportunities to experience the education system and culture beyond the border of their home countries. These students achieve this through short education abroad or full-scale degree programs. The educational, economic, and cultural experience that the participants in international education/overseas/study abroad programs achieve open doors of career and professional opportunities that changes everything for them as many global corporations are looking for employees with international/intercultural experiences.

Similarly, educational institutions (especially at higher education levels) all over the world are making moves to internationalize their campuses. These educational institutions are looking for students from diverse educational, cultural, as well as social-economic backgrounds. They attract students by using educational programs, and financial resources offering scholarships, grant, and fellowship opportunities. Many of the institutions also offer hybrid and emerging education programs that are not yet available in the applicant’s home countries.

Prospective students can take advantage of opportunities through a study abroad program where they can do a one-semester or one-year coursework or a full degree program at private or public higher educational institutions in countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, etc.

At BEIS, we assist applicants in selecting colleges; provide information on available scholarships/financial assistance applications. We also provide standardized testing registration information, standardized testing coaching referrals, and visa information.

Student Visa Advising/Consulting

Applying for Student Visa & Attending Visa Interview

Applying for Student Visa & Attending Visa Interview

Applying for and getting a visa interview is the last hurdle international students will face after admission to a college or university outside their home country. The visa interview process can be extremely challenging and nerve-racking, especially when applying for a U.S., U.K., and Canadian visas. Although, advance preparation is key; however, even the best-prepared applicants often fail to get a visa. It is widely known that the prospect of being approved for a visa is low especially for applicants from developing countries.

At Bruscan Educational Information Services, we ease the fear of rejection and increase the chances of getting approved for a student visa by offering candid counseling sessions on interview strategies for a successful outcome. We offer comprehensive advising on required documents preparation, financial sponsors selection, interview etiquettes, and so on.

SEVIS I-901 Fee Payment (For only U.S. College Bound Applicants)

As part of the visa application process, students intending to obtain a U.S. student visa are required to pay the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) fee to the U.S. government through the Department of State before attending the interview and issued a visa. We offer a SEVIS fee payment service to facilitate the payment for applicants who cannot use this service because of restrictions in their home countries. We offer a single and bulk payment for our clients.

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“At BEIS, achieving positive results is our watchword. We can assure our clients that with careful preparation and thorough planning the dream of matriculating at the college of their dreams is not far from realization.”

**It is important to emphasize that while we will work diligently to help our clients secure admission to their top school of choice; however, we cannot guarantee admission and/or financial aid package, and Visa.**

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